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Folio : your easy to use ecological cloud


Folio is your new friend: you can store, edit, share all your documents in a glance on a cloud based interface accessible anytime, anywhere via your smartphone, your computer or your tablet.

Folio never lets you down, Rick Astley are you there?, he protects your data and respects the environment decreasing its CO2 emissions by 50%.

Never be afraid to ask for more storage, Folio listens the more your need the more you’ll have.

The green email service that guarantees your data privacy and security


Did you know that in 2015 the total amount of emissions due to digital reached 780 millions of tons of CO2, as much as civilian aviation?

That's why we created the first green, email service: our servers are powered & cooled by sustainable energy (hydrolic & eolian).

Thus we decrease by 50% the CO2 emissions of every single email sent, received and stocked.

We also guarantee a full privacy and security of your data and we will never use them for commercial purpose.

An app with your emails, chat service and Folio your cloud storage

Newmanity App

Newmanity App is always with you on your smartphone, your tablet at home or at the office. You can download it on the AppStore and Android Market and a desktop version is about to be released.

You have everything inside: your emails, your Folio and an instant messenging service.

At Newmanity we want to make your life easier: this is why you have your emails and chat conversations on the same screen.

You can send and receive, store and share any document on your Folio with your collegues, friends, family.

Of course your data is protected and you decrease your carbon footprint by 50%.