Why we are green?

Ecology is in our DNA

It's in our DNA

Ecology has been a part of Newmanity social network since 2012. Originally this social network was a community of people sensitive to the Earth’s protection and aware of the climate issues to come. Our team is sustainable, works daily to protect the planet and save ressources. Thus our team of awesome developers eco-designed all our websites from the beginning.

Our servers are awesome

They are made to consume the least energy possible and last longer. We built them from scratch with our hands with the best green IT componants.

Our servers are tThe best of green IT
Our data center are green and eco designed

We have the most free cool data center on earth

It's located in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. Powered & cooled a 100% by sustainable energies: wind, hydraulic, solar, biomass. This data center was entirely eco-designed and has the Greenfan label.

Your emails and messages are as light as fresh air

Indeed we decrease the impact of your communication on the environment. It’s not magic but only technique (and common sense). We delete everything unnecessary in a message to only keep what matters and the message still reach its destination.

Your Emails & messages with less CO2
Your personal data are secured

He respects your personal data

Your files and your data are yours and yours only. What’s inside your Folio is not of any interest for us. Your personal data pollute less...simply because we don’t store them. Our business model doesn’t care about your data. What you do on our servers or anywhere else on the Internet don’t interest us, we don’t get money from it.

We're powered by green energy

We left EDF (Electricity of France) and now our offices are powered by Enercoop the only green energy provider.