Newmanity is coming back in 2018 !

  • We're working on a big surprise that we will release at the beginning of next year. To get to know more, see you in 2018!
  •  go 2018 ! 





Ever dreamt of an email service fun and carbon free? Well Newmanity did it!


Easy as pie, you have everything inside: emails, Folio & instant messaging (we’re also working on a feature making coffee by itself but it’s a secret)


Edit store and share all your folders through the foliosideral space

Why we are special?

Super Social

We give back 20% of your monthly fee to associations of your choice

Privacy by design

We protect your data. At Newmanity we don't sell your data

Greener than ever!

Thanks to our green servers we cut by 50% our products' CO2 emissions (e-mail, chat, cloud)